We fail as Jews if we ignore this injustice

By Tyler Samuels For many years I have composed lengthy articles from the Tablet to Tribal Herald; condemning, admonishing, criticizing, and pleading for Jews to do better for social justice within the community and outside of it. There have been several panel discussions like, An Evening of Deep Listening: Facing and Combating Racism With/In theContinue reading “We fail as Jews if we ignore this injustice”

The Canadian Jewish Community Must Do More

This week has been a week of pain and feelings of sadness. We as Jews of Colour now have one year anniversaries of remembering victims of police brutality or police misconduct. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the passing of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a Black-Indigenous woman from Toronto who mysteriously fell off her balcony to herContinue reading “The Canadian Jewish Community Must Do More”

Jewish Life in Africa

  “Jewish life is thriving in Africa. That’s what British-American photographer Jono David discovered during a four-year journey across the continent. David set out to document the Jewish landscape of Africa, from dwindling European enclaves in South Africa to the isolated Egyptian Jewish community — to the unprecedented blossoming of Judaism among Sub-Saharan Africans.”  Forward.comContinue reading “Jewish Life in Africa”

Emerson Swift Mahon:  A Canadian Jew

By: Eiran Harris – Canadian Jewish News Read more at: Emerson Swift Mahon In 1912, a young black man left Grenada in a quest for learning. His voyage led him to Canada and conversion to Judaism “May you be written in the book of life in the New Year,” says the greeting in Yiddish onContinue reading “Emerson Swift Mahon:  A Canadian Jew”