We fail as Jews if we ignore this injustice

By Tyler Samuels For many years I have composed lengthy articles from the Tablet to Tribal Herald; condemning, admonishing, criticizing, and pleading for Jews to do better for social justice within the community and outside of it. There have been several panel discussions like, An Evening of Deep Listening: Facing and Combating Racism With/In theContinue reading “We fail as Jews if we ignore this injustice”

The Canadian Jewish Community Must Do More

This week has been a week of pain and feelings of sadness. We as Jews of Colour now have one year anniversaries of remembering victims of police brutality or police misconduct. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the passing of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a Black-Indigenous woman from Toronto who mysteriously fell off her balcony to herContinue reading “The Canadian Jewish Community Must Do More”

A Montreal Ashkenazi perspective…

  I had a chat with a friend from Montreal who is a white Ashkenazi Jew about his impressions of the Jewish community there as it pertains to Jews of Colour … I explained to my friend that I was looking for some honest insight into the Ashkenazi mindset regarding diversity within the Jewish community.Continue reading “A Montreal Ashkenazi perspective…”