Inaction Leads to Unjust Action

By Tyler Samuels When I was younger, I detested Malcolm X. He was the black supremacist, part of an anti-Semitic organization that disparaged Dr. King and advocated loudly for segregation to remain. My heroes for the racial struggle were total opposites, Dr. King, Mandela, Sojourner Truth, or Samuel Sharpe. However, after recent events both inContinue reading “Inaction Leads to Unjust Action”

We Must Be Bold With Police Accountability

In 2020, we saw the brutal slaying of George Floyd over a counterfeit $20. A Black man’s life was cut short due to $20, in the moments where he cried out for his mother and told his murderer he couldn’t breathe as a camera rolled, video taping his last moments, it made it clear BlackContinue reading “We Must Be Bold With Police Accountability”


New York, NY; March 7, 2018 – To diversify and strengthen the leadership of Reform Jewish communities throughout North America, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is investing in 16 individuals as participants in the JewV’Nation (pronounced “juvenation”) Fellowship’s Jews of Color Leadership Cohort. This program will increase opportunities for Reform Jewish communities to benefit fromContinue reading “URJ”