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Jews of Colour Canada is a social group and online community for Jews of Colour and our allies in Canada.

Jews of Colour – encompasses black, teimani, sephardi, mizrahi, asian, southeast asian or any other diverse combination.

Our goals:

1) to create comfortable and safe social spaces where members can interact with each other in environments that are free of any form of discrimination or harassment.

2) to share and learn from each other’s common experiences as Jewish People of Colour in Canada.

3) to promote and celebrate the diversity of the Jewish community in Canada and in other parts of the world.

4) to expose, highlight and address (through dialog and through the use of various forms of social media) the issues that have rendered Canadian Jews of Colour invisible, without representation or without a presence in mainstream Jewish Canadian institutions, Synagogues, Jewish Canadian organizations and publications.

5) to liaise with other individuals and groups who make up the Jews of Colour community; and,

6) to liaise with mainstream Jewish institutions to find and promote common goals


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Phone: 416 613-1392