Jewish Life in Africa


“Jewish life is thriving in Africa.

That’s what British-American photographer Jono David discovered during a four-year journey across the continent. David set out to document the Jewish landscape of Africa, from dwindling European enclaves in South Africa to the isolated Egyptian Jewish community — to the unprecedented blossoming of Judaism among Sub-Saharan Africans.”


Black Jews



Black Jews in Africa

Siona Benjamin: Jewish Indian Artist

“Siona Benjamin is a painter originally from Bombay, now living in the US. Her work reflects her background of being brought up Jewish in a predominantly Hindu and Muslim India. In her paintings she combines the imagery of her past with the role she plays in America today, making a mosaic inspired by both Indian miniature paintings and Sephardic icons.”

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Sinoa Benjamin



Siona Benjamin Art 2


Siona Benjamin art




The Black Orthodox

Joeseph David Savoy: The Black Orthodox

The Black Orthodox: Joseph David Savoy


“I moved to New York in 2007, and in Crown Heights the Jewish community has been wonderful. But from African-Americans, every day I get looks and stares. I’ve had people yell “Heil Hitler.” One guy threatened to stab me. If there are people behind me and I turn around, they’ll literally jump like they’ve seen a ghost.”
“I come from a very dysfunctional family. My dad killed his stepfather and then served four years in prison. I was born in controversy—like in the Bible when Jacob married two sisters, my dad impregnated two sisters. People feel it’s extreme to be Hasidic, but I just think, Are you kidding me? Considering what I was born into, it’s pretty normal. It gives me structure and focus and order. I feel at peace finally after all these years.”
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The Black Orthodox

Emerson Swift Mahon:  A Canadian Jew

By: Eiran Harris – Canadian Jewish News

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Emerson Swift Mahon

In 1912, a young black man left Grenada in a quest for learning. His voyage led him to Canada and conversion to Judaism
“May you be written in the book of life in the New Year,” says the greeting in Yiddish on the back of a photograph of a black man in a broad-brimmed hat.
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Black, White, Jewish and Tired

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Black, White, Jewish and Tired

My father is black. My mother is white. I am biracial. We’re all Jewish. In my mind, it’s as simple as that. The reality, however, is far more complicated.
I find my biracial blood and multicultural family tree to be a source of strength and uniqueness, but I am frequently reminded how fragile of a tree it truly is. If my parents’ union occurred two decades earlier, it would have been illegal in many states. White lawmakers had long sought out to prevent racial mixing. A last ditch emotional appeal was made to prevent racial mixing by claiming the irresponsibility of bringing biracial children into the world. It would simply be unfair to the kids, lawmakers assumed. “Too white to play with black kids, too black to play with white kids.”

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